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Sunday, February 18 2018 @ 02:28 AM CST

Headlines for Vol. 29, No. 4

The fourth issue of volume 29 was delivered in January. Here are the headlines from Fall 2008:

  • "College Newspaper Staffing Fails to Reach Racial Parity,"
    by Marie Hardin and Ashley Sims

  • "Attitudes Differ for Online Reporting Versus Editorials,"
    by Stephen Siff, Tomas J. Hrach and Stan Alost

  • "Where Young Adults Intend to Get News in Five Years,"
    by Seth C. Lewis

  • "Newspaper Political Blogs Generate Little Interaction,"
    by Larry Dailey, Lori Demo and Mary Spillman

  • "Newspaper Reporters' Perception of City Government Coverage in 1997, 2007,"
    by Stephen Lacy, Charles St. Cyr and Miron Varouhakis

  • "Content in Publicly, Privately Owned Newspapers More Alike Than Different,"
    by Randal A. Beam

  • "Industry Guidance Could Help J-Programs Prepare Print Majors for Convergence,"
    by Jennifer Wood Adams

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