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Sunday, February 18 2018 @ 02:26 AM CST

Headlines for Vol. 30, No. 1

The first issue of volume 30 was delivered in March. Here are the headlines from Winter 2009:

  • "Coverage of Katrina in Local, Regional, National Newspapers,"
    by Roxanne K. Dill and H. Denis Wu

  • "Comparing Types of Sources in Coverage of Katrina, Rita',"
    by Maria Fontenot, Kris Boyle, and Amanda H. Gallagher

  • "Katrina Coverage in Black Newspapers Critical of Government, Mainstream Media,"
    by Mark K. Dolan, John H. Sonnett and Kirk A. Johnson

  • "Community Newspapers Emerged to Serve Needs of Pass Christian Citizens,"
    by Lawrence Strout

  • "Comparing Visual Framing in Newspapers: Hurricane Katrina Versus Tsunami,"
    by Porismita Borah

  • "Sports Reporters Divided Over Concerns about Title IX,"
    by Marie Hardin and Erin Whiteside

  • "How Readers Perceive Journalists' Functions at Online Community Newspapers,"
    by Deborah S. Chung

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