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Headlines for Vol. 30, No. 2

The second issue of volume 30 was delivered in May. Here are the headlines from Spring 2009:

  • "Copy Editing Not Great Priority for Online Stories,"
    by John Russial

  • "An Analysis of Slogans Used to 'Sell the News',"
    by Salma Ghanem and Kimberly Selber

  • "Newspaper Managers Report Positive Attitudes about Blogs,"
    by Brad Schultz and Mary Lou Sheffer

  • "How to Report Quantitative Information in News Stories,"
    by Coy Callison, Rhonda Gibson and Dolf Zillmann

  • "Benefits Dominate Coverage of Vision Corrective Surgery,"
    by Seok Kang

  • "Rating Citizen Journalists Versus Pros: Editors' Views,"
    by Seungahn Nah and Deborah Chung

  • "Papers Endorse Republicans in Nearly 60 Percent of Races,"
    by Mark D. Ludwig

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