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Headlines for Vol. 30, No. 4 - Fall 2009

The fourth issue of volume 30 was delivered in November. Here are the headlines from Fall 2009:

  • "News Coverage of Patriot Act Focuses on Individual Liberty,"
    by Weimin Chang and Ralph Izard

  • "Newspaper Survey Suggests TV Partnership in Jeopardy,"
    by Larry Dailey, Lori Demo and Mary Spillman

  • "Use of Online Newspaper Sites Lags Behind Print Editions,"
    by Hsiang Iris Chyi and Seth C. Lewis

  • "Anonymous Sources Harm Credibility of All Stories,"
    by Miglena Mantcheva Sternadori and Esther Thorson

  • "Media Literacy Training Reduces Perception of Bias,"
    by Emily K. Vraga, Melissa Tully and Hernando Rojasg

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