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Headlines For Vol. 32 No. 2 - Spring 2011

    This issue's contents focus, at least in part, on credibility. Here are the headlines for Spring 2011:

  • "Users Support Online Anonymity Despite Increasing Negativity"
    by Jack Rosenberry

  • "Journalists Provide Social Context Missing from Sports Blogs"
    by Marie Hardin and Erin Ash

  • "Granting Sources Anonymity Requires Complex Process"
    by Michele Bush Kimball

  • "Article Recall, Credibility Lower with Grammar Errors"
    by Alyssa Appelman and Paul Bolls

  • "Few Top Editors Blog About News Decisions"
    by Norman P. Lewis, Jeffrey Neely and Fangfang Gao

  • "Using Numbers in News Increases Story Credibility"
    by A. Willem M. Koetsenruijter

  • "American Newspapers Vary by Region On How they Frame Sex in News Stories"
    by Doreen Marchionni

  • "Newspapers Use More Sources Compared To Health Blogs in H1N1/Swine Flu Coverage"
    by Fangfang Gao, Meng Zhang and Sean Sadri

  • Book Review of Steven M. Hallock's Reporters Who Made History: Great American Journalists on the Issues and Crises of the Late 20th Century (Santa Barbara, Calif.: Praeger, 2010) 333 pages, (hardcover $54.95)
    by Joe Hayden

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