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Headlines for Vol. 32, No.4- Fall 2011

    Here are the headlines for Fall 2011:

  • "Use of Unnamed Sources Drops from Peaks in 1960s and 1970s," by Matt J. Duffy and Ann E. Williams

  • "Personalizing News Websites Attracts Young Readers," by Gina Masullo Chen, T. Makana Chock, Hillary Gozigian, Ryan Rogers, Arushi Sen, Valarie N. Schweisberger, Joseph Steinhardt and Yi Wang

  • "Print Subscribers Add Value to Newspaper Website," by Edgar C. Simpson

  • "Study Examines Relationship Among Mainstream, Other Media," by Stephan Lacy, Brendan Watson and Daniel Riffe

  • "Core Skills Set Reamin Same in Newspaper Job Ads," by Johanna Cleary and Meredith Cochie

  • "Newspapers Connect with Readers Through Multiple Digital Tools," by Jennifer D. Greer and Yan Yan

  • "Coverage of Governor Races Balanced While Senate Races Reflect Some Bias," by Frederick Fico, Eric Freedman and Megan Durisin

  • "Focus on Problems May Have Affected Public Confidence in Saddam Hussein's Trial," by Jin Yang

  • Joe Hayden's Book Review of Thomas B. Connery's Journalism and Realism: Rendering American Life (Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press, 2011) 281 pages, (paperback $ 24.95)

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