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Sunday, February 18 2018 @ 02:30 AM CST

Headlines for Vol 33 No. 3 - Summer 2012

    Here are the headlines for Summer 2012:

  • "News Producers Often Prevail Against 'Fair Use' Claims," by Scott Parrott

  • "Current Print Subscribers More Likely to Pay for Online," by Geoffrey Graybeal, Amy Sindik and Qingmei Qing

  • "Local Science Reporting Relies On Generalists, Not Specialists," by Deserai Anderson Crow and J. Richard Stevens

  • "Citizen Journalism Just as Credible as Stories by Pros, Students Say," by Sara Baker Netzley and Mark Hemmer

  • "Reporters' Gender Affects Views on Health Reporting," by Maria Len-Rios, Amanda Hinnant and JiYeon Jeong

  • "Content Analysis Shows 'Red States' Used More Than 'Blue States'," by Asta Zelenkauskaite, Ya Gao and Rich Powell

  • "Experiment Shows Higher Information Recall for Soft Rather than Hard Business News," by Patrick Merle and Clay Craig

  • "U.S., Chinese Newspapers Differ On Reports of Tainted Milk Scandal," by Lulu Rodriguez and Jiajun Yao

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