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Sunday, February 18 2018 @ 02:31 AM CST

Headlines for Vol. 34, No. 1- Winter 2013

    Here are the headlines for Winter 2013:

  • "Letters from Readers Support Pegler's Anti-Union Crusade," by Philip M. Glende

  • "Coverage of Guantanamo Bay Less Negative for Obama," by Jaesik Ha

  • "Database Search Results Can Differ From Newspaper Microfilm," by Norman E. Youngblood, Barbara A. Bishop and Debra L. Worthington

  • "Environmental Groups on Par With Government Sources," by Hollie M. Smith and Todd Norton

  • "Few Students Willing to Pay For Tablet News Conten," by Steve Collins, Michael Rabby and Tim Brown

  • "Photojournalists' Role Expands At Most Daily U.S. Newspapers," by Arthur D. Santana and John Russial

  • "News Wire Greatest Predictor Of Papers' International News," by Beverly Horvit, Peter Gade and Elizabeth A Lance

  • "Newspapers Devote Far Less Coverage to Country Government than to City Governance," by Frederick Fico, Stephen Lacy, Thomas Baldwin, Daniel Bergan, Steven Wildman and Paul Zube

  • Book review by Peter W. Goodman: Undercover Reporting: The Truth About Deception

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