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Headlines for Vol. 34, No. 2- Spring 2013

    Here are the headlines for Spring 2013:

  • "Young Adults Expect More From Free News Tabloids," by Amy Zerba

  • "New York Times' DealBook Model for New Media Reporting," by Hong Ji and Michael Sheehy

  • "Reasons for Veiled Sources Spike After 2004 Scandals," by George Albert Gladney, Ivor Shapiro and Regan Ray

  • "Medical Reporters Say 'No' to 'Pack' Journalism," by Vincent Kiernan

  • "Community Attachment Affects Use of Online, Interactive Features," by Daniel S. Hunt, David J. Atkin and Christopher J. Kowal

  • "Print Readers Recall More Than Do Online Readers," by Arthur D. Santana, Randall M. Livingstone and Yoon Y. Cho

  • "'God Bless America' Serves to Rally Americans to War," by Brian T. Kaylor

  • "10th Anniversary Photos of 9/11 Framed as Collective Remembrance," by Nicole Smith Dahmen and Britt Christensen

  • Book review by David Arant: Paper Route: Finding My Way to Precision Journalism

  • Book review by Joseph Hayden: Chasing Newsroom Diversity: From Jim Crow to Affirmative Action

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