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Thursday, November 23 2017 @ 10:30 AM CST

Headlines for Vol. 37, No. 4-Fall 2016

Here are the headlines for Fall 2016:

-"Educators and professionals agree on outcomes for entrepreneurship courses," Michelle Barrett Ferrier and Battino Batts

-"Introduce entrepreneurship concepts early in journalism curriculum," by Aaron Chimbel

- "University partnerships with entrepreneurial efforts produce shared benefits" by Geoffrey Graybeal and Amy Sindik

-"Public policy events offer new revenue source" by Ben DeJarnette and Ed Madison

-" Presence of online reader comments lowers news site credibility" by Lindsey Collins and Chris Roberts

-"Local papers use community way of life frames more often in coal mining stories," by Kylah Hedding and Daniel Riffe

-"Anti-West frames dominate Afghan war news coverage," by Elina Erzikova, Michael M. Haigh and Adam Sampiev

Book Review by Matthew J. Haught: <I> How Journalists Use Twitter: The Changing Landscape of U.S. Newsrooms <i>

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Headlines for Vol. 37, No. 4-Fall 2016
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Headlines for Vol. 37, No. 4-Fall 2016
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Headlines for Vol. 37, No. 4-Fall 2016
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Headlines for Vol. 37, No. 4-Fall 2016
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Headlines for Vol. 37, No. 4-Fall 2016
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Headlines for Vol. 37, No. 4-Fall 2016
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Headlines for Vol. 37, No. 4-Fall 2016
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Headlines for Vol. 37, No. 4-Fall 2016
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