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Sunday, May 28 2017 @ 08:54 PM CDT

Headlines for Vol. 38, No. 1-Winter 2017

Here are the headlines for Winter 2017:

-"Embedding Journalists Shape Iraq News Story," by Miles Maguire

-"News Video Quality Affects Online Sites' Credibility" by Gina Masullo Chen, Peter S. Chen, Chen-Wei Chang and Zainul Abedin

-"Readers Value Objectivity Over Transparency," Edson C. Tandoc Jr. and Ryan J. Thomas

-"Use of Steroids in Baseball Primarily Sports Story," by Claudia Kozman

-"Citizen Journalism Practice Increases Civic Participation," by Seugahn Nah, Kang Namkoong, Rachel Record and Stephanie K. Van Stee

-"Technology Allows Audience Role in News Construction," by Patrick Ferrucci

-"Obamacare Headlines Mirror Local Political Leanings," by Brandon Szuminsky and Chad Sherman

-"Florida Political Reporters Interact Rarely Online," John H. Parolee and David Deeley

-"Policy, Economic Themes Dominate Ethanol Headlines," by Bruno Takahashi, Carol Terracina-Hartman, Katheryn Amann and Mark S. Meisner

- Book Review by Robert D. Byrd, Jr. <i> Full Court Press: Mississippi State University, the Press and the Battle to Integrate College Basketball

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Headlines for Vol. 38, No. 1-Winter 2017
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