Headlines for Vol. 38, No. 3-Summer 2017

Wednesday, July 05 2017 @ 11:04 AM CDT

-"Grammar, Spelling Error Rates Persist in Digital News," by Park Beede and Michael W. Mulnix

-"Instructional Messaging Most Significant in Food Recalls," by Monique Farmer and Ming Wang

-"Meskwaki Language Threat Gets Token News Coverage," by Subin Paul

-"News Focuses on Individuals for Rising Health Care Costs," by Sei-Hill Kim, Andrea H. Tanner, Soo Yun Kim, Caroline Foster, Sang-Hwa Oh and Jeong-Heon Chang

-"Print Newspapers Readers More Politically Active," by Tien-Tsung Lee and Yuki Fujioka

-"Politics, Conflict Generate More Live-Blog Comments,," by Mirjana Pantic, Erin Whiteside and Ivana Cvetkovic

-"Millennials Fail to Embrace Civic Duty to Keep Informed" by Douglas F. Cannon and Jenn Burleson Mackay

-"Friendships Sustain Volunteer Newspaper for 21 Years," J. Steven Smethers, Bonnie Bressers and Sam C. Mwangi

-"Readers React Negatively to Disclosure of Poster's Identity," by Jasmine McNealy

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