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Headlines for Vol. 36, No. 3 - Summer 2015

    Here are the headlines for Summer 2015:

  • "Newspaper Archives Reveal Major Gaps in Digital Age," by Kathleen A. Hansen and Nora Paul

  • "Preserving News Apps Present Huge Challenges," by Meredith Broussard

  • "Ethnic Newspaper Producers Face Archiving Challenges," by Kristin L. Gustafson

  • "Two States Provide Models for Newspaper Preservation," by Ana Krahmer, Mark Phillips and Ron Larson

  • "Plans to Save Born-Digital News Content Examined," by Edward McCain

  • "Survey Finds Differences on Preserving Born-Digital News," by Jennifer E. Moore and Jennifer L. Bonnet

  • "Retaining Hardcopy Papers Still Important in Digital Age," by Randy Silverman

  • "News Engagement Day Should Be Priority," by Paula Poindexter
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Headlines for Vol. 36, No. 2 - Spring 2015

    Here are the headlines for Spring 2015:

  • "How Current Law Might Apply to Drone Journalism," by Karen McIntyre

  • "Editors Use Social Media Mostly to Post Story Links," by Sue Burzynski Bullard

  • "Younger Journalists More Likely to Use Social Media," by Tamara L. Gillis and Kirsten Johnson

  • "Tweets during Crisis Follow One-Way Communication," by Rebecca Coates Nee and Judith Fusco

  • "Longer, Higher Quality Videos Preferred by News Viewers," by Peter S. Chen, Nicholas Wilson, Gina Masullo Chen and Chen-Wei Chang

  • "Traditional Reporting More Credible than Citizen News," by Alecia Swazy, Edson Tandoc, Manu Bhandari and Rachel Davis

  • "College Students Use Videos More than Photo Slideshows," by Jin Yang, Rachelle Pavelko and Sandra H. Utt

  • "Candidates with Easy Access Get More Favorable Coverage," by David Niven and Daniel Sandu

  • "Korean Media Often Allied with Ruling Political Parties," by Chang Sup Park

  • Book Review by Matthew J. Haught: Greatly Exaggerated: The Myth of the Death of Newspapers
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Headlines for Vol. 36, No. 1 - Winter 2015

    Here are the headlines for Winter 2015:

  • "Student Newspapers Show Opinion Article Political Bias," by Hans C. Schmidt

  • "Non-Elite Twitter Sources Rarely Cited in Coverage," by Kevin Wallsten

  • "U.S. Newspapers Provide Nuanced Picture of Islam," by Brian J. Bowe, Shahira Fahmy and Jorg Matthes

  • "Times-Picayune Coverage Differs Print to Online," by David Bockino

  • "Conflict/Proximity Determine Advocacy Group Coverage," by Michael McCluskey and Young Mie Kim

  • "Incivility Dominates Online Comments on Immigration," by Arthur D. Santana

  • "Text Remains Most Useful Format for Online News Sites," by Bartosz W. Wojdynski

  • "Feature Reporting Improves After Mid-Career Training," by Randal A. Beam, Meg Spratt and Sue Lockett John

  • "Non-Scientist Sources Lend Balance, but Create Bias," by Susan Opt and Russanne Low

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Headlines for Vol. 35, No. 4 - Fall 2014

    Here are the headlines for Fall 2014:

  • Commentary: "Short-run Decisions Threaten Papers' Long-run Viability," by Stephen Lacy, Michael Stamm and Hugh Martin

  • "Ethnic, Mainstream Papers Differ on Health Reporting," by Erin Willis, Chang Dae Ham and Shelly Rodgers

  • "Journal's Sports Innovations Evolve Slowly Over Time," by John Carvalho

  • "Ethnic and Age Differences Reduce Political Discussion," by Leo W. Jeffres, Jae-won Lee, Guowei Jian, Sukki Yoon and David J. Atkin

  • "Newspapers' Annual Reports Show Chains Profitable," by Marc Edge

  • "Reporters' Smartphone Use Improves Quality of Work," by Logan Molyneux

  • "Reducing Publication Decreases U.S. College Newspaper Revenue," by J. Ian Tennant and H. Iris Chyi

  • "U.S. Newspapers Cite Social Media More Than Does Egyptian Press," by Margaret A. Fesenamier, Luay Kaloumeh, Yuxi Zhuang and James D. Ivory

  • "Youngest Adults Less Likely To Consume News Online," by Kelly Kaufhold

  • "Coverage of Japan's Tsunami Included Few Social Media Sources," by Maria Fontenot, Catherine A. Luther and Ioana Coman

  • Book Review by Marc Edge: Beyond News: The Future of Journalism

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Headlines for Vol. 35, No. 3 - Summer 2014

    Here are the headlines for Summer 2014:

  • "Mainstream Newspapers Highlight Politics Over Substance," by Masudul Biswas

  • "Uses, Dependency Model Remains Useful Framework," by Kenneth Fleming

  • "Afghanistan War Coverage More Negative Over Time," by Michel M. Haigh

  • "Chinese, U.S. Newspapers Differ in Use of News Frames," by Chun Zhou and Teresa Mastin

  • "Two National Newspapers Cover Recession Distinctively," by Josephine Lukito and Atsushi Tajima

  • "Community Editors Look Beyond Watchdog Role," by Leo W. Jeffres and Anup Kumar

  • "NY Times' Blog Purchase Leads to Significant Changes," by Jeremy Saks

  • "Print News Uses More Source Diversity Than Does Broadcast," by Richard Watts and Jonathan Maddison

  • Book Review by Pam Fine: Saving Community Journalism: The Path to Profitability

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Headlines for Vol. 35, No. 2 - Spring 2014

    Here are the headlines for Spring 2014:

  • "Analysis Finds U.S. Newspapers Use Six Frames for 'Made in China,'" by Gang (Kevin) Han and Xiuli (Charlene) Wang

  • "Independent Websites Not So Different from Group-Owned," by Linda Jean Kenix

  • "Medical Reporters Say 'No' to 'Pack' Journalism," by Vincent Kiernan

  • "East Africans Find Radio More Credible Than Newspapers," by Yusuf Kalyango, Jr.

  • "Newspaper Tobacco Advertising Focuses on Cessation," by Erin Willis, Erin Schauster, Shelly Rodgers and Kevin Everett

  • "Larger U.S. Newspapers Update Their Websites More Often," by Jin Xu

  • "Newspapers, TV News Offer More Online Innovation," by Amy Schmitz Weiss and Tim Wulfemeyer

  • "Facebook Interactivity Rare on Community News Sites," by Michael Clay Carey

  • "Exemplars Can Affect Readers' Judgement about News Story," by William Kinnally, Ryan P. Burkett, Curry Chandler and Brenton Burkett

  • Book Review by Marc Edge: The Watchdog That Didn't Bark: The Financial Crisis and the Disappearance of Investigative Journalism

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Headlines for Vol. 35, No. 1 - Winter 2014

    Here are the headlines for Winter 2014:

  • "Anti-SLAPP Statutes Offer Tool for Media Defendants," by Matthew D. Bunker, Paul H. Gates, Jr. and William C. Nevin

  • "Few Latin American Items Appear on Editorial Pages," by Guy J. Golan and Greg Munno

  • "Group Ownership Increases among Weekly Newspapers," by David C. Coulson, Stephen Lacy and Daniel Riffe

  • "Corrections of Newspaper Errors Have Little Impact," by Kirstie E. Hettinga and Alyssa Appelman

  • "Newspapers Frame Julian Assange Differently," by Catherine A. Luther and Ivanka Radovic

  • "Research Findings Weaken Perceptions of Media Bias," by Yariv Tsfati and Hannah Huino

  • "Incorrect Terms Used to Portray Possible Cell Phone Risk," by Ronald A. Yaros, Elia Powers and Soo-Kwang Oh

  • "Attribution Has Little Effect on Perceived Credibility," by Jessica A. Mahone

  • Book review by Marc Edge: Hell and High Water: The Battle to Save the Daily New Orleans Times-Picayune

  • Book review by Joe Hayden: Informing the News: The Need for Knowledge-Based Journalism
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Headlines for Vol. 34, No. 4 - Fall 2013

    Here are the headlines for Fall 2013:

  • "Storytelling Techniques Improve Reading Experiences," by Amy Zerba

  • "Newspapers Provide Context in Elizabeth Smart Abduction," by Cathy Ferrand Bullock, Margaret Spratt and Sue Lockett John

  • "News Coverage Different for Third-Party Candidates," by John F. Kirch

  • "Readers' View of Credibility Similar for Online, Print," by Gregg A. Payne and David M. Dozier

  • "Web-centric Convergence Replaces Media Partnerships," by Camille Kraeplin and Jake Batsell

  • "Presidential Campaign Ads Rely on Newspaper Evidence," by Chris Roberts

  • "Social Media Features Attract College Students to News Websites," by T. Makana Chock, John M. Wolf, Gina Masullo Chen, Valarie N. Schweisberger and Yi Wang

  • "Combining Online, Print Increases Ad Effectiveness," by Ginger Rosenkrans and Keli Myers

  • Book review by Marc Edge: Out of Print: Newspapers, Journalism and the Business of News in the Digital Age
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Headlines for Vol. 34, No. 3 - Summer 2013

    Here are the headlines for Summer 2013:

  • "Depleted Resources Causing Burnout for Layoff Survivors," by Scott Reinardy

  • "Pacific Appeal Campaigns For Black Man's Role in Civil War," by Thomas C. Terry

  • "Black Cyclist Framed Differently At 1910 Salt Lake City Competition," by Kimberley Mangun

  • "Greater Newspaper Use Increases Agreement on Public Issues," by Ying Roselyn Du and Joann Wong

  • "Newspapers Form Partnerships With More Than Television Stations," by Larry Dailey and Mary Spillman

  • "Circulation, Population Factor into Social Media Use," by Jack Rosenberry

  • "'Editors Have Mixed Feelings On User-Generated Content," by Lori F. Brost

  • Book review by Joseph Hayden: Advertising at War: Business, Consumers, and Government in the 1940s
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Headlines for Vol. 34, No. 2- Spring 2013

    Here are the headlines for Spring 2013:

  • "Young Adults Expect More From Free News Tabloids," by Amy Zerba

  • "New York Times' DealBook Model for New Media Reporting," by Hong Ji and Michael Sheehy

  • "Reasons for Veiled Sources Spike After 2004 Scandals," by George Albert Gladney, Ivor Shapiro and Regan Ray

  • "Medical Reporters Say 'No' to 'Pack' Journalism," by Vincent Kiernan

  • "Community Attachment Affects Use of Online, Interactive Features," by Daniel S. Hunt, David J. Atkin and Christopher J. Kowal

  • "Print Readers Recall More Than Do Online Readers," by Arthur D. Santana, Randall M. Livingstone and Yoon Y. Cho

  • "'God Bless America' Serves to Rally Americans to War," by Brian T. Kaylor

  • "10th Anniversary Photos of 9/11 Framed as Collective Remembrance," by Nicole Smith Dahmen and Britt Christensen

  • Book review by David Arant: Paper Route: Finding My Way to Precision Journalism

  • Book review by Joseph Hayden: Chasing Newsroom Diversity: From Jim Crow to Affirmative Action