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Headlines for Vol. 33 No. 1 - Winter 2012

    Here are the headlines for Winter 2012:

  • "Photographers' Ethical Calls May Rest on 'It Depends'," by Yung Soo Kim

  • "Constraints Alter Journalists' Ethical Decision-Making," by Jenn Burleson Mackay

  • "Katrina Study Shows Human Interest Photos Predominant," by Jae-Hwa Shin, Shahira Fahmy and Richard A. Lewis

  • "Job Security, Satisfaction Influence Work Commitment," by Scott Reinardy

  • "Photojournalists Enjoy Web Work, Additional Autonomy," by Carolyn Yaschur

  • "Newspaper Journalists Support Online Comments," by Carolyn Nielsen

  • "TV News Framing Supports Societal Poverty Solutions," by Sei-Hill Kim, James Shanahan and Doo-Hun Choi

  • "Weekly Newspaper Websites Don't Live Up to Potential," by Jack V. Karlis, Kelly A. Mitchell and Erik L. Collins

  • "Newspaper Editorial Stands on Broadcast Indecency Regulation: Profits Over Principles?" by Todd Schaefer and Robert Fordan

  • Carrie Brown-Smith's Book Review of Wilson Lowery and Peter J. Gade's (eds.) Changing the News: The Forces Shaping Journalism and Uncertain Times (New York: Routledge, 2011) 301 pages, (paperback $ 49.95)

  • Lurene Cachola Kelley's Book Review of Bill Grueskin, Ava Seave and Lucas Graves' The Story So Far: What We Know about the Business of Digital Journalism (New York: Columbia Journalism Review Books, 2011) 132 pages, (paperback $ 12.95)

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Headlines for Vol. 32, No.4- Fall 2011

    Here are the headlines for Fall 2011:

  • "Use of Unnamed Sources Drops from Peaks in 1960s and 1970s," by Matt J. Duffy and Ann E. Williams

  • "Personalizing News Websites Attracts Young Readers," by Gina Masullo Chen, T. Makana Chock, Hillary Gozigian, Ryan Rogers, Arushi Sen, Valarie N. Schweisberger, Joseph Steinhardt and Yi Wang

  • "Print Subscribers Add Value to Newspaper Website," by Edgar C. Simpson

  • "Study Examines Relationship Among Mainstream, Other Media," by Stephan Lacy, Brendan Watson and Daniel Riffe

  • "Core Skills Set Reamin Same in Newspaper Job Ads," by Johanna Cleary and Meredith Cochie

  • "Newspapers Connect with Readers Through Multiple Digital Tools," by Jennifer D. Greer and Yan Yan

  • "Coverage of Governor Races Balanced While Senate Races Reflect Some Bias," by Frederick Fico, Eric Freedman and Megan Durisin

  • "Focus on Problems May Have Affected Public Confidence in Saddam Hussein's Trial," by Jin Yang

  • Joe Hayden's Book Review of Thomas B. Connery's Journalism and Realism: Rendering American Life (Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press, 2011) 281 pages, (paperback $ 24.95)
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Headlines for Vol. 32 No. 3 - Summer 2011

    This issue's contents focus, at least in part, on online publishing or new technology. Here are the headlines for Summer 2011:

  • "Specialization Still Favored In Most Newspaper Jobs"
    by John Russial and Arthur Santana

  • "Health Care Reform Coverage Improves in 2009-10 over Clinton Era"
    by Steve Adams and Raluca Cozma

  • "Newspaper Training Program Shows Gains in Social Media"
    by Kathleen A. Hansen, Nora Paul, Ruth DeFoster and Jennifer E. Moore

  • "Readers' Mood Affects News Information Processing"
    by Bu Zhong

  • "Online Readers' Comments Represent News Opinion Pipeline"
    by Arthur D. Santana

  • "Digital Photo Archives Lose Value As Record of Community History"
    by Keith Greenwood

  • "Online Readers Geographically More Dispersed Than Print Readers"
    by Hsiang Iris Chyi

  • "Study Shows Some Blogs Affect Traditional News Media Agendas"
    by Marcus Messner and Bruce Garrison

  • Research-in Brief: "Most Newsrooms Control Content, Production of Their Websites" by Susan M. Keith and Leslie-Jean Thornton

  • Book Review of Bill Kovach's and Tom Rosentiel's Blur: How to Know What's True in the Age of Information Overload (New York: Bloomsbury, 2010) 227 pages, (hardback $26)
    by Mary Jane Pardue

  • Book Review of Jon Marshall's Watergate's Legacy and the Press: The Investigative Impulse (Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press, 2011) 313 pages, (paperback $24.95)
    by Steve Hallock
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Headlines For Vol. 32 No. 2 - Spring 2011

    This issue's contents focus, at least in part, on credibility. Here are the headlines for Spring 2011:

  • "Users Support Online Anonymity Despite Increasing Negativity"
    by Jack Rosenberry

  • "Journalists Provide Social Context Missing from Sports Blogs"
    by Marie Hardin and Erin Ash

  • "Granting Sources Anonymity Requires Complex Process"
    by Michele Bush Kimball

  • "Article Recall, Credibility Lower with Grammar Errors"
    by Alyssa Appelman and Paul Bolls

  • "Few Top Editors Blog About News Decisions"
    by Norman P. Lewis, Jeffrey Neely and Fangfang Gao

  • "Using Numbers in News Increases Story Credibility"
    by A. Willem M. Koetsenruijter

  • "American Newspapers Vary by Region On How they Frame Sex in News Stories"
    by Doreen Marchionni

  • "Newspapers Use More Sources Compared To Health Blogs in H1N1/Swine Flu Coverage"
    by Fangfang Gao, Meng Zhang and Sean Sadri

  • Book Review of Steven M. Hallock's Reporters Who Made History: Great American Journalists on the Issues and Crises of the Late 20th Century (Santa Barbara, Calif.: Praeger, 2010) 333 pages, (hardcover $54.95)
    by Joe Hayden
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Headlines For Vol. 32 No. 1 - Winter 2011

The first issue of volume 32 was in the mail in February. It is a special issue focusing on community journalism. Here are the headlines from Winter 2011:

  • "Community Newspapers Play Significant Role in Election,"
    by Lee Shaker

  • "Community Newspaper Use Promotes Social Cohesion,"
    by Masahiro Yamamoto

  • "News Editors' Demographics Predict Their Social Capital,"
    by Seungahn Nah and Deborah S. Chung

  • "New Models Emerge For Community Press,"
    by Victor Pickard and Josh Stearns

  • "Online Publication Expands Reach of Community Journalism,"
    by Eileen Gilligan

  • "Community Journalism Provides Model For Future,"
    by Thomas C. Terry

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Headlines For Vol. 31 No. 4 - Fall 2010

The fourth issue of volume 31 was in the mail in mid-November. Here are the headlines from Fall 2010:

  • "Local Government News Drives Print Readership,"
    by Barry Hollander

  • "Online Non-Profits Provide Model for Added Local News,"
    by Dan Shaver

  • "Brand Logos More Prevalent In Recent News Sports Photos,"
    by James Pokrywczynski, John Carvalho and C. Thomas Preston, Jr.

  • "Growing Number of Bloggers See Their Work as Journalism,"
    by Hong Ji and Michael Sheehy

  • "Bush/Gore Photos Reveal Differing Styles, Strategies,"
    by Kathleen German

  • "Newspaper Lack Substantive Reporting on Sexual Issues,"
    by Lesa Hatley Major and Kimberly K. Walker

  • "Politics/Nationalism Affect 2008 Olympics Coverage,"
    by Fangfang Gao

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Headlines For Vol. 31 No. 3 - Summer 2010

The third issue of volume 31 was in the mail in mid-August. Here are the headlines from Fall 2010:

  • "Regular Readers Expect More Polling Details,"
    by Mary Currin-Percival

  • "Cuts in Newspaper Staff Change Meeting Coverage,"
    by John C. Besley and M. Chris Roberts

  • "Too Many Details Hinder Recall of Poll Results,"
    by Wolfgang Wichmann

  • "Editorials, Op-Ed Columns Frame Medical Marajuana Debate,"
    by Guy J. Golan

  • "President's Power to Frame Stem Cell Views Limited,"
    by Shahira Fahmy, Jeannine E. Relly and Wayne Wanta

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Headlines For Vol. 31 No. 2 - Spring 2010

The second issue of volume 31 was in the mail at the end of April. Here are the headlines from Spring 2010:

  • "Sports Reportersí Attitudes About Ethics Vary Based on Beat,"
    by Marie Hardin and Bu Zhong

  • "Gender Diversity Absent In Expert Sources for Elections,"
    by Eric Freedman, Frederick Fico and Megan Durisin

  • "Citizen Journalism Web Sites Complement Newspapers,"
    by Stephen Lacy, Margaret Duffy, Daniel Riffe, Esther Thorson and Ken Fleming

  • "Newspapers Use Three Frames To Cover Alternative Energy,"
    by Michel M. Haigh

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Headlines For Vol. 31 No. 1 - Winter 2010

The first issue of volume 31 was delivered in March. Here are the headlines from Winter 2010:

  • "Newspapers Offer More News Than Do Online Sites,"
    by Scott Maier

  • "Readers Use Black Newspapers for Health/Cancer Information,"
    by Maria E. Len-Rios, Elisia L. Cohen, and Charlene A. Caburnary

  • "Ombudsman Venture Began at Old New York World,"
    by Neil Nemeth

  • "Understanding of Health Risks Aided by Graphics with Text,"
    by Babara M. Miller and Brooke Barnett

  • "Need for Speed onto Internet Clashes with Journalistic Values,"
    by Scott Reinardy

  • "Study Examines Unnamed Source Policies at The Washington Post,"
    by Michael W. Sheehy

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Headlines for Vol. 30, No. 4 - Fall 2009

The fourth issue of volume 30 was delivered in November. Here are the headlines from Fall 2009:

  • "News Coverage of Patriot Act Focuses on Individual Liberty,"
    by Weimin Chang and Ralph Izard

  • "Newspaper Survey Suggests TV Partnership in Jeopardy,"
    by Larry Dailey, Lori Demo and Mary Spillman

  • "Use of Online Newspaper Sites Lags Behind Print Editions,"
    by Hsiang Iris Chyi and Seth C. Lewis

  • "Anonymous Sources Harm Credibility of All Stories,"
    by Miglena Mantcheva Sternadori and Esther Thorson

  • "Media Literacy Training Reduces Perception of Bias,"
    by Emily K. Vraga, Melissa Tully and Hernando Rojasg