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Tuesday, January 16 2018 @ 08:57 AM CST
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NRJ Celebrates 30 Years!

    30th Anniversary Celebration held at 2008 AEJMC Convention

    AEJMC members recently gathered in Chicago for the annual AEJMC Convention. The Newspaper Division was celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Newspaper Research Journal. A time line poster, featuring significant Journal events as well as photos of former and current editors, was unveiled at a reception on August 8.

    A copy of the poster is available here for you to view, download and print to keep for yourself.

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Headlines for Vol. 29, No. 2

The second issue of volume 29 was delivered in June. Here are the headlines from Spring 2008:

  • "Official Sources Dominate Domestic Violence Reporting,"
    by Cathy Ferrand Bullock

  • "How Online Journalists Rank Importance of News Skills,"
    by Shahira Fahmy

  • "Survey Measures Burnout In Newspaper Sports Editors,"
    by Scott Reindary

  • "Suicide Story Frames Contribute to Stigma,"
    by Valica Boudry

  • "Tribune-Review Revives Competition in Pittsburgh,"
    by Linda Steiner and Nora Bird

  • "Comparison of Demographics For Media in 1995, 2006,"
    by Guido H. Stempel III and Thomas Hargrove

  • "Study Asks If Reporters' Gender or Audience Predict for Paper's Cancer Coverage,"
    by Maria E. Len-Rios, Sun-A Park, Glen T. Cameron, Douglas L. Duke and Matt Kreuter
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Headlines for Vol. 29, No1

With the new year comes a new volume of NRJ. The first issue of volume 28 was delivered in March. Here are the headlines from winter 2008

  • "Black Newspapers in 1968 Offer Panthers Little Support,"
    by Brian Thornton and William P. Cassidy

  • "Study of City Editors Raises Concern of Job Satisfaction,"
    by Charles St. Cyr

  • "Okinawans' Voices Heard In Rape Crisis Coverage,"
    by Beverly Horvit

  • "Mad Cow Coverage More Positive in Midwest Papers,"
    by Michel M. Haigh, Michael Bruce and Elizabeth Craig

  • "Reporters See Indifference On Genetically Modified Food,"
    by Linda Steiner and Nora Bird

  • "U of Florida Students Prefer Campus Paper to Free Daily,"
    by Steve J. Collins and Cory L. Armstrong

  • "Justices Treat Newspapers Differently in Oral Arguments,"
    by Edward L. Carter and James C. Phillips